What is the Mock Article V Convention?

The Mock Article V Convention is a competition between school delegations simulating a Convention of States called by Congress under Article V of the Constitution for the purpose of considering and proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Each delegation will propose an amendment to the constitution and present it to the other delegations, answering questions, defending against objections, and asking for support.

Team Registration

A MAV team consists of 3-5 students from your school. The team should select a captain who will register the team. Once registered a team may select a topic for their proposed amendment. The team captain and faculty adviser will receive updates about the event. A school may have more than one team.

High School and Middle School Divisions

Each member of the delegations placing in the top three places in each division will win scholarships!

High School Division: 1st place – $750; 2nd place – $500; 3rd place – $250

Middle School Division: 1st place – $500; 2nd place – $250; 3rd place – $100

Registration Deadline is Jan. 26


MAV Due Dates

MAV Guidelines

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Sacramento Volunteer Chapter Donations

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