2022 Sacramento Senior Scholarship Awards

The scholarship committee may award scholarships in increments ranging from $500 – $2500 depending on the criteria outlined below.

Qualifications for award and payment of scholarship

  1. 2022 high school graduate with a GPA of not less than 3.0. High School transcript must be submitted with the application.
  2. Student has given meaningful service to the Freedoms Foundation and to his/her community.
  3. Will be enrolled in a college or university in 2022. Funds will be paid on behalf of the student to the college or university in which he or she is enrolled.
  4. Students volunteering for community service or military service may defer their scholarship award for up to 4 years

GPA – 10% – however GPA must be at least 2.5 – 3.0

Extracurricular activities – 10%

Community service – 30%

Support of the FFVF mission – 50%

Points in this area will be accumulated based on evidence of support of our mission by:

  • Participation in the SOA program at any time during your high school career
  • Participation in 1 or more FFVF essay competitions. Applicants will receive points for each year they participate.  Additional points will be awarded for recognition they have received.
  • Referring students or teachers to our programs – Applicants will receive points for each student or teacher applying for participation in one of our programs, who identifies that student as the person who referred them.

Directions: Submit this application with the following supporting documents to freedomsfoundation.sac@gmail.com on or before December 31, 2021:

  1. Most recent high school transcript.
  2. Recommendation from one or more of your high school teachers or administrators. (use attached form)
  3. Recommendation from a member or director of the Sacramento FFVF chapter.
  4. Personal statement about your involvement with Freedoms Foundation
  5. Acceptance letter (if available) from college or university you plan to attend.

Sacramento Chapter 2020 Senior Scholarship Awards

The Sacramento Chapter of Freedoms Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling $6,900.00 to seven graduating seniors in the class of 2020.

The recipients are:

Megan Johnston winner of the Rosemarie Groth Memorial Scholarship – $1500; Kathleen Rodda – $1500; Madison Wrigley – $1000; Benjamin Jensen – $800; Logan Sheppard – $800; Grace Brasher – $800; and Caroline Pickett – $500.

Collage of Sacramento senior scholarship winners
Group of nineteen students on a trip with Freedoms Foundation

Sacramento Volunteer Chapter Donations

Donations of any amount help us fulfill our mission and send teachers and students to attend civic education programs at Freedoms Foundation.